In his shows, Slooga plays intensively to the spirit of Hendrix and a few others he heard over the years. With an aggressive voice wich also can calm up he blows his experience throughout the audience always moving his face what melts with his guitar. Almost jamming his songs in a special way, taking over with his guitar solos and strange, powerful riffing the press names him a guitar wizard. As a singer, songwriter, leader, vocalist and guitar player, performing in both sides of music, the electric and the acoustic and also with a band named Brute
wich goes deeper and deeper in harder genres he likes powertrios best. Everytime with his own bag from the past strapped on his back taking over all kinds of locations it’s always a pleasure to see him performing
and sometimes sitting on the bar, a drink beside and smoking a cigarette, thinking, wathever …. Nobody knows ….


The man, the passion, the music. Where he came from and who he is. Read it here.


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